Nine Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

People have been drinking beer for centuries, and the ugly truth is that it has had a bad reputation over the years. However, that is not the case anymore. You can drink a bottle or two of beer without feeling guilty because research shows that it has numerous gains that will surprise you. In fact, there are various festivals held every year that showcase the different brands of beer.

Discussed below are the health benefits of beer that you should know.

Better Kidney Health

Investigation shows that if you drink you drink a single bottle of beer every day, you reduce your risk of developing kidney stones by up to 40%. The key reason is that the water keeps you hydrated and the hops slow down the release of calcium from your bones that can be reabsorbed as stones in the kidneys.

Strong Bones

Beer has been proven to boost bone density. Yes, you heard me right! The main reason is that it is loaded with silicone that promotes bone health.

Before you start drinking lots of beer it’s worth noting that if you have more than two drinks daily, then you raise your odds of suffering from fractures. Just have a bottle or two.

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Enhances Brain Health

Beer won’t make you a genius. However, studies show that elderly women who drunk one beer daily reduced their risk of mental decline by up to 20%, unlike non-drinkers. If you have been searching for ways to boost your brain health, then a beer daily will do the trick.

Stronger Heart

Consuming one or two beers daily will help raise the levels of HDL that will help clean your arteries and leave them without clogs. Studies show that drinking moderately reduces your chances of getting heart attacks and death from heart diseases by up to 40%. However, if you are drinking large quantities of alcohol, you can suffer from heart disease. Drink in moderation.

Type 2 Diabetes

Current research found that men who consumed alcohol moderately reduce their odds of suffering from type 2 diabetes by 25 %. Furthermore, the study found out that alcohol also heightens insulin sensitivity that helps you prevent diabetes.


Beer contains numerous ingredients as well as minerals. A study revealed that beer drinker had 30% higher levels of vitamin B6 unlike those who don’t consume alcohol. Furthermore, beer is also loaded with folic acid, vitamin b12, and other vital minerals so drink up to boost the vitamins in your body.


If you have digestion problems, then beer is filled with soluble fiber in the form of beta glucans. Fiber is associated with numerous health gains like weight loss, improving digestion, clearing arteries just to mention a few.

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Blood Pressure

Wine has been famous for improving the cardiovascular system. However, a recent study unearthed that women who consumed beer reduced their odds of suffering from hypertension, unlike other women who consumed wine and other alcoholic beverages.


Cancer continues to claim more lives than other dangerous diseases today. Drink beer and you will sidestep cancer. Beer contains an anti-cancer agent known as xanthohumol that helps the body to produce enzymes that functions in the breaking down of carcinogens.

Spread the word about the health benefits that come with beer and head to your local pub to catch a drink or two today.