The gambling landscape has definitely been altered with the emergence of online casinos in the late 1990s as more and more casino aficionados are shifting from conventional to online casino sites. The lure of playing the game in the comforts of their homes has been the major factor of the shift. With a market that is ready to part with their money to play casino games on the internet, there has been an increase in online casino sites ever since.

To the online casino gaming public, this must be good news because they have several options to play their game. But it was not to be good news through and through. There were many scammers that joined the fray. As such, many unsuspecting casino players were duped from their money. These days, for a beginner, detecting a legitimate online casino from that of a scammer is a challenging thing to do. Here are some tips to be able to save your money from these unscrupulous websites.

Know When They First Started Their Operation

Trust an online casino with many years in the business. If an online casino started its operation a few months ago, no matter how big its offers are, it is better to go to a casino, which has built its reputation over time. Fake casinos do not last. They operate for some time, and when their modus is divulged, they disband, and they establish yet another new site to do their hanky-panky.

Check for Their License

Before enrolling in an online casino, be sure that it has a license. Fake casinos never bother to procure the necessary license. They can just post manufactured licenses and post it. You will notice that for legitimate sites, they display their licenses conspicuously. You should always make it a habit to check on the legitimacy of a gaming site to avoid scammers.

Pay Attention to Details

Check on the domain of the site. Maybe it rings a bell. Recheck it, and you may notice that it is not actually the same domain that you know, but the domain may be very similar. Scammers know how to confuse their victims, and having a domain name so close to the original may trick some gamers who are not keen on observing slight differences.

Check on the terms and conditions. They may have been written in a perfect style but does not contain anything binding. They may not even have written their identities and contact numbers.

Read Critics Review

Always try to read critics’ and customers’ reviews. They will give you their honest opinion regarding a site. These may include payment methods. For sure, you must not want to experience not being paid.

Get recommendations from real friends; they will give you a list of good websites and fake sites. It is truly wise to be wary of scammers before you take the plunge.